Trying New Things

Recently I decided to start drawing and I have never been one to just draw for fun but it’s something I wanted to do. We went to Ross to do a little shopping and I picked up a cute sketch pad and a watercolor palette that had pastel colors in it. Two days ago I decided to take it out of the Ross bag that it was still in grab my watercolors and just draw something. The drawing above is the first one I did and I posted it on my insta story and I was proud of my little drawing. The next day I drew another floral drawing and this one I posted to my feed and again I was happy with my drawing. My instagram is linked to my Facebook and my bestie saw it and she said she wanted it. Now at this point I didn’t think my drawings would lead to anything. My best friends grandmother saw my drawing that was posted to my Facebook and actually offered me some money to make more drawings. She said she wanted to sell them in her shop and put them in a gift basket with little soaps or something like that. I’m still shook that this offer was made and I’m so grateful for it.

The point I’m sure y’all received is don’t be afraid to try new things. You will never know what may come of your new adventure. So get out there and try something you have always wanted to try. I’m trying yoga next.

The pictures above are the two other drawings I have done so far. I know I’m not the greatest but I’m very proud of my art.

So wish me luck on this adventure and I wish you luck in your adventure. Let me know what you have decided to try.


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