Things a Woman should not be without when Traveling..

So, recently I accompanied a friend to run an errand and we ended up with a flat tire. She didn’t have a spare or any tools to change it even if she did. Luckily for us a Good Samaritan stopped and helped us with getting a spare and even brought tools. My friend offered to pay him or take him to lunch but he said no that he did it because we wanted to help.

So this got me thinking of things a woman should know and carry in her car when she is traveling by herself. All of these things are important and if there is more that y’all can think of write them in your comment.

When it comes to items you should carry in your car the first is always a spare tire in case you have a blowout. You need tools to change the spare tire and well also know how to change the blown out tire. That is very important thing to know now a days. You should also carry a flashlight and some flares in case you get stranded at night. Set up the flares so you and your car won’t get hit by another car.

You should also carry a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit in your car just in the event of a fire or you have cut yourself when changing your tire. These are things that should be found in your car for emergencies.

The next items are things you should carry in your purse as extra precaution just in the event you didn’t have a spare and need help. You should have a extra charger incase your car dies and don’t have a way to charge your phone. Have an emergency credit card and some cash in case you need it. Also carry something to defend yourself a gun or pepper spray in case you encounter the not so Good Samaritan. Memorize important numbers like home phone number, road side assistance and your insurance information.

I’m sure I have forgotten a thing or two so add to the list in your comment and let’s help each other out. Thank you for reading and I hope this helps someone in the future.

Preparation is the key to your success. You cannot dismiss the process and expect to be truly successful.

Linda Gibson


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